Friday, April 12, 2002

Had a great time last night. We went to Java N Jazz and hung out. Something I only do when these friends are in town. I was really tempted to join them at Magic Mountain today, but I needed to get the statements out, so I stayed and worked.

They're actually saying it'll hit 80 here over the weekend. Matt and I might try to hit the beach tomorrow. But probably not since that would make for a very long day.

You see, tomorrow night, we're going to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert. And I can't wait. I've never seen him in concert, but I've heard over and over again that he's great live. Plus his openning act is Nichole Norderman, and I love her music, too. But that's in Annehiem. So when you couple that with an ultimate frisbee game at 8 AM tomorrow, I should probably take a nap since I'm the one driving.

But the call of the water is strong.

The jr. highers are having a paintball day tomorrow, but needless to say, I'm not going. Paintball doesn't really interest me, and I already missed IM ultimate last weekend. Dave just called to find out if I was going. Then he asked me to call some of the kids, but since I don't know where my directory is, he skipped that. I'm feeling kinda bad cause he's busy with family stuff tonight. But such is life.

I watched Survivor at lunch time. I must admit I have mixed thoughts on Rob leaving. He was certainly making things interesting. I really would have liked to see him stay long enough to make the jury, then be booted. Guess we'll have to see what happens next week.

And on that note (LA!), I'm going to post this. Have a great weekend!

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