Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Last night turned out differently then I'd planned.

Donald called me at 5 to see if I wanted to go with him to Santa Monica. I kept saying I shouldn't, but didn't let that stop me. Of course, we didn't leave until almost 6. He had a quick errend to run, but that didn't work out. Then it took them forever at the take out restaurant to cook my dinner. So it was after 7 when we were leaving. Which meant I was late to Seth and Keirsten's. But that actually sounds like it worked out well. Matt still came over and watched 24. I'm rather proud of myself. I actually caught the plot twist before they told us! But it meant I did my grocery shopping late. And I have to get my brother a birthday card and get his present in the mail for his birthday next week still. If I'd remember that was in my plans for last night, I would have stayed home.

So I'm going to post this and the get ready for jr. high group so I can leave a little early and hopefully get Mike's card so that's out of the way.

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Thank you and good night!

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