Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Maybe I should blog something today.

It's been a quite couple of days. Seth and Kiersten aren't going to be there tonight, so I didn't go over there last night. I'm on my own again tonight leading worship. :( I've got a pretty good set. It's different in that it follows a progression and isn't just on a topic or (more like I normally do) completely random. And I've incorrporated a couple songs we don't do all that often.

Things have been getting more and more complicated getting people together for Wednesday nights. Donald and I have a couple guys who come over to watch Enterprise. But since I don't get home from Bible Study until 8:45 PM, we watch it via tape delay. But when Amazing Race 2 started up, Matt insisted on coming over to watch it. So he comes over at ten, and he and I watch that via tape delay. But ever since that show started, it seems like one thing after another has come up on Wednesdays. Tonight, it's a two hour episode, but Matt probably won't come over anyway. Too much homework. Meanwhile, Donald, who normally gives the other two guys rides, has his truck in the shop, so I may be giving all three of them rides tonight. Yes, this gets complicated quickly. :)

It's less then a month until Donald moves out for his new job in the Bay Area. :( I am so going to miss him when he's gone. And I still don't have any ideas lined up for a new roommate. I'm really starting to worry. Not that it helps, but I am.

Dave's grandmother passed away Sunday afternoon. He won't be there tonight either. Bible Study will be a little strange.

Those of you not watching Alias yet missed an incredible episode Sunday night. When that show has everything clicking, it works so well. I was glued to the TV for the last 10 minutes and can't wait until they resolve this cliffhanger. I don't see how they'll do it, either. And just to prove that Jennifer Garner isn't the only reason I watch, she was only in about half of the episode. But they advanced several other plots plus did stuff with Sid.

24 got interesting again last night. I don't see how they're going to resolve everything in the next three hours. And, frankly, I'm going to want to know what happens past midnight. Like the fact that Jack is suspended. What will happen with Palmer's son? But I know those things won't be resolved by 12, so I'll just have to live with it. Wonder if it's coming back next season, and if so, how.

Well, off to Bible Study. Back tomorrow for the Thursday Threesome.

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