Friday, April 26, 2002

I'm tired. Somebody stayed up talking to his roommate until 1 this morning before finally going to sleep. I blaim it all on Donald. If he hadn't been around, I wouldn't have stayed up so late. :)

I may have two leads on new roommates right now. One would be more permanent, but the other would be just the summer. Still it would be something to get me through the next few months.

Comments that you've all been waiting for. (Also known as the warning to skip the next couple paragraphs if you aren't interested.)

Dove Awards - I'm majorly disappointed. Steven Curtis Chapman deserved to win Male Vocalist or Artist (not necessarily both) this year if he's ever deserved to win. And "God is God" should have won song of the year. And don't even get me started on the fact that Shaun Groves and downhere didn't win new artist of the year. Either one of those two deserved it big time. But that's all I'll rant on that. If you are curious who the winners were, head over to CMCentral. Several staff members were there and they have a detailed listing of who won the major and minor awards.

Survivor - Last night was a riot! Tammy and Rob trying to save their skins after showing their true colors last week. Zoe trying to distance herself from the others, but becoming the lone wolf. Glad to see that liar gone. Rob or Tammy go next week. Tammy's made herself too big a target by winning immunity two weeks in a row. The instant she looses, she's probably out of there. Unless Rob really makes them mad first.

I'm a couple days late, but happy Anniversary to Shana and Chris. This is really funny. You see, Shana and I share a birthday. And their anniversary is on my brother's birthday (he's 20 now). I had several friends in high school with April 24th birthdays. My uncle and aunt got married that day, and her grandson's birthday is that day, too. Very popular day!

It's been threatening rain all day, but hasn't started here in SC. Sounds like it's been raining elsewhere, however. Hope it clears up like it's supposed to before the book festival at UCLA tomorrow. That would not be fun.

Tonight, I'm off to hang out with Donald. And hopefully go to sleep early.

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