Thursday, March 07, 2002

Well, think I'll start out today by responding to the new Thursday Threesome

Onesome: Eat: What one food do you love so much that you could easily overeat (be specific here)? I'm going to have to go with Pizza. I'll easily eat a Medium by myself. I've been known to stuff down a large, but usually I save some of the large for lunch the next day. I love cold pizza for lunch. Hm. I'll have to try that next week since the cafe will be closed.

Twosome: Drink: What on beverage do you drink more than anything? Water. Just ask Seth and Kiersten. :) I do drink fruit juice as well. If I do happen to be drinking a soft drink, my first choice is A & W Root Beer. But I drink lots of water during the day everyday. The scary thing is, I still don't think I'm getting my daily requirement.

Threesome: Be Merry: When life has you down, what one thing can remind you to smile? Remind me to smile? A kind word or thought from a friend. A good book I'm reading. Someone or something I love.

Ok, on to other things.

Last night was interesting. I got to church about 6:20. Youth group is supposed to start at 6:30. The room was still dark (in fact, locked) and none of the desks were outside. I went looking for Dave Duron (jr. high pastor) and found out he was at the school's science camp. One of the high schoolers with a key showed up a couple minutes later, and we started getting the room ready. At 6:30, I was still the only adult. About 7 minutes later, some others showed up and we started the game time. At 7 we found out that Dave Beddoe (sr. high pastor) was in an accident on the way over and wouldn't be in. So fellow jh staffer Jon (who was planning to speak) spoke to all of us. Very good. But the entire evening never did feel like it was completely on track to me. But then again, I get out of whack pretty easily.

Dave's accident was the second one I knew of yesterday. Chips, my boss's son and sh staffer, was in one yesterday morning. Before the rain. Everyone in both seems fine, which is good, but their cars are in bad shape.

Then, at the end of the evening, Kiersten and Sara brought in a cake for Seth's birthday. Again, my birthday has been forgotten in favor of someone elses. It really hurts that every year my friends down here forget about my birthday while celebrating lots of others. I will get more happy birthday wishes from friends on the internet then I will from people in town. K took me aside last night and apologized profusely for not thinking about the fact that my birthday was the day after Seth's. And I believe her. But it gets hard when this has been going on for 7 years. I think I'm getting a cake next week since Sara and her mom asked me how old I was going to be as they drove off. But it will be hollow for me since they're doing it because they felt badly this week. Not that I'll refuse the cake. :)

Ok, done with the pity party.

I did get my book finished last night. Wonderful book, and just what I needed to make me smile since I was feeling down. Already written a review at Amazon. Hopefully it's up in the next day or two. And the interview with Jennifer Garner was interesting. Seems like a very nice woman.

The promised rain was more a sprinkle that did nothing but barely make things wet. And cause lots of other accidents. The sky's mostly blue again already even though there are a couple really mean looking clouds around. Don't think we'll get any more rain from this storm, however.

Well, I'm off to sign up for intermural ultimate frisbee before I forget. Then I'll come back and buckle down and see if I can get some work done to make Phil happy before I leave for the weekend. He's working on accounts since no one's pushing to get the statements out. Looks like reconciling accounts next week won't be soon enough. :( Late lunch today since I'll be getting my allergy shots.

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