Sunday, March 17, 2002

I'd like to start out by answering today's first ever Sunday Op-ed

1. My best friend
Who is Donald? Or should that be Pete? I'm not sure, and seem to change best friends every couple of years. These two are definately in the running. Of course, with Donald moving in two months (the jerk!) I probably won't get to see him nearly as much any more.

2. George W. Bush
Who is the current President? And may I take this opportunity to say I think he's doing a great job? I have been very impressed with his leadership in the last 6 months. (And Shana, I loved your answer as well. I started pointing that out once we finally learned he would become out next President.)

3. The Superfriends
What is an old cartoon show? That's pretty much all I know about it.

Hey, Chris, will these always be so ramdom? :)

Well, the tournament's over. We lost in the semi-finals, after beating the team that beat us by the greatest margin yesterday. And it was very satisfing, especially since they started making some bogus calls. But we won anyway. And frankly, we would have been slaughtered in the finals. We were dead, several of our players were injured. It really was for the best. I stayed and watched the finals. Good game. But was it ever so cold!!!! It's about 45 here right now. And finally starting to rain. It's been treatening all day. But it held off until right after the game was over.

I think I'm off to grab dinner at Carl's Jr. (my after ultimate dinning choice.) and then watch some TV. I'm interested in seeing the movie on Wonderful World of Disney tonight. And after that, it's an all new Alias! Yeah! Then off to bed to sleep.

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