Friday, March 22, 2002

Last night was a blast. I went to see the Broadway Bound production of "Into the Woods" starring Vanessa Williams. I've been a fan of this musical for about 4 years, and I loved seeing it on the stage. Unfortunately, I didn't get my ticket until this week, so I wound up sitting in one of the boxes on the side. I couldn't quite see the very left hand side of the stage, and I had to lean over for three hours. But it was worth it. And the cow was a riot! Hope they do a revival cast recording once it hits Broadway so I can have something to remember it by. After all, I have cast recordings of the other Broadway shows I've seen. (Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. Can't tell I'm a Disney fan, can you?)

Over at the Trixie Debate Board, we're holding voting for the TB Oscars. Quite fun. So those of you who don't frequent Zap's site much anymore (and we miss you guys, too), feel free to stop on by and participate.

Speaking of the Oscars, you know there's one category I'll be watching with special interest this year. The first ever category for animated movie. I have seen all three nominees (something I can rarely if ever say about any category), so I thought I'd way in with my thoughts.

Jimmy Newtron - fun movie. Really glad I went to see it. But not worthy of an Oscar, and I don't really expect it to win.
Shrek - fun movie, but not worthy of the Oscar. It took too many swipes at Disney and the animosity really came out with the release of the DVD. Enjoyed it, bought it, but shouldn't win.
Monster's Inc. - the best of the lot and deserving to win. (No surprise since it's the final choice.) Wonderful movie from start to finish that kids and adults can enjoy side by side. One of my favorite films from last year, in fact. And I'd love to see Pixar win the first Oscar for this. It's funny, because Disney doesn't really have a film in the nominations. They distribute and get all the credit for M, I., but in reality, that is a Pixar film.

However, I'm afraid that Shrek will get it because Dreamworks seems to be able to do no wrong as far as the voters are concerned. But we'll just have to wait and see what happens Sunday night. But if they're going to pre-empt Alias, it had better be worth it. :)

And, lastly, I had to share a quote from Charlie Brown from my peanuts daily rip off calendar (also known as a page a day calendar.):
"The secret of happiness is having three things to look forward to and nothing to dread."
If only life were really that simple, huh?

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