Monday, March 25, 2002

Hey, everything seems to be working with blogger today. I can get in here and get to my site both! So, maybe I'll catch you up on the rest of my weekend.

Saturday - Greatly enjoyed the book signing. And Joanne knew who I was. :) It helped that I'd e-mailed her last week and I was the only guy who showed up. Got to talk with her for quite a while and find out a little about the next couple books in the series. She's almost done with Lemon Mirange Pie Murder, but it'll be a year before it's out yet. :( Don't these author's know they should write faster?
Then Saturday night, Donald and I hung out for a while, which we haven't done in a long time. We rented It Takes Two, which he'd never seen before. Still a funny family movie. Then we watched Larry Boy and the Angry Eyebrows. Fun, although some of the characters are hard to tell apart in the two-D format. Hope they fix that soon.

Sunday - you already heard about church, so I won't repeat that. After the service, I went up to talk to Fred about quitting handbells, but he was too busy. So I decided to show up for one last practice. That's when I found out he thought I'd quit three weeks ago! So I'm out. Feels strange and scary. And this is what I wanted. LOL. I'm just not satisfied, am I? But it'll be good. I had brought my book, so I went over to a part and finished it. Now, I need to write the review. And hope the Thoene's new book arrives today. Although I am reading the Trixie for the next discussion right now. Then we had a SNYF (Sunday Night Youth Fellowship) at the Dennison's. I was too busy for Dan to corner me on why I'm not going to the Thursday night Bible Study. Had a good time, although the kids have now added to the crazy I'm still in college story. I'm also a secret foot model by night. Obviously, a couple of them were watching Zoolander. Not that I've seen it.

Other thoughts: Gas needs to come down in price. I paid $1.53 yesterday, and it took over $20.00 to fill my tank. That never happens.
You know my thoughts on the Oscars already. (See Friday's post) I'm happy for A Beautiful Mind, however.
And, I'm trying to get up the nerve to ask a girl out this week. The irronic thing is, those I've known since Zap's board started already know who it is. Deep breathes. Deep breathes.

Off to the weight room here on campus at lunch for the first time in months. And I'm skipping the cafe for dinner. Fish (yuck!) and Almond Chicken. And since I'm allergic to nuts....

Have a good Monday, everyone.

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