Saturday, March 23, 2002

Looks like I'm finally getting in! I had the hardest time yesterday. I was going to come back in the afternoon and answer the Friday Five (they looked like fun), but I didn't quite make it. O well. Maybe next week.

Last night, Donald fixed dinner and we had Pete and his roommate Nate over. Quite fun. Then I headed over to the Durons for a "Just for Fun." Basically, just a time to hang out with the jr. highers. Of course, this time, when I got there, they were in the middle of a couple games, so I started working on the jigsaw puzzle that was laid out. Wound up finishing it with Beth's help. Not exactly interacting with the kids, but since I was the only staff there, I figure I kinda evened out.

But I should probably go now since I don't have that long on line right now. Got to get home, shower, and get ready to go to Joanne Fluke's book signing at Crime Time books in a couple hours. And I have some more places to go. Like check out my reviews at Amazon. Sure hope they've added my review of Ginny Owen's new CD. I'm not listening to it constantly anymore, but it's in my car, and I'm still loving it!

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