Thursday, March 14, 2002

And finally a few comments from me to close out the day.

They were supposed to have a plummer out today (finally) to look at the leak in my kitchen. Hope something happens soon. I'm running out of rag towels to soak up the water.

The lightbulb in the overhead burned out last night just before we started worship. Fortunately, 4 of the 5 songs we'd selected everyone knew. We just left out the one no one knew.

I have 90 pages left in Blueberry Muffin Murder. Hope to finish before I go play racketball tonight. I saw on the author's home page that she's signed a contract for 3 more! YEAH!!! She currently has the recipe for the Black and Whites up. But I know it gets changed every so often, so you might want to take a look. Many of the recipes from the books sound wonderful. Someday I'll actually try them.

I only ran 1 mile today. Didn't want to over do it with racketball tonight and the ultimate tournament this weekend. I sure hope the wind dies down before then. I don't enjoy playing in 30 mile an hour winds for some strange reason. :)

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