Sunday, March 24, 2002

Hm. I can't seem to get into my site to acutally read this once it posts. But it is posting, so I'm going to blindly move on blogging in faith that it will get seen eventually. :)

Going to start out today with the Sunday Op-Ed This week, I'm going to try to answer with the first thing that comes to my mind without reading anyone elses answers.

1) Chocolate
What is a food that I enjoy in small doses? It's true. There are times when I get a craving for chocolate and love eating it. But once I've had too much, I can go weeks without even thinking about it. And if it's right after I've had too much, I'll actually turn it down. And eating it gives me pimples, too.

2) The beach
Where do I wish I could visit more often? I've really fallen in love with hitting the beach down here in the last couple years. I don't spend that much time in the water, but I love wadding in the surf, throwing a frisbee around, etc. Maybe Matt will be up for some regular trips this summer since I seem to have lost track of Brad. Donald would certainly be up for more trips with his surf board, etc., but as we all know, he's moving in May. Maybe we can get one more trip in before he leaves.

3) My First Celebrity Crush
What's one "rite of passage" I can't recall? I never watched much tv or movies growing up, so I honestly can't remember ever getting a crush on a celebrity. Just another way I'm odd.

Passion Week

It's funny, because Christmas is my favorite holiday, but Easter (Resurrection Sunday) is quickly becoming the most meaningful. It hasn't been feeling like Easter time at all to me, but we had a very meaningful service today in church focusing on the seven sayings of Jesus on the cross. Between that and all the hymns we sang (and some wonderful classics, too) I'm now definately in the Passion week mood. Got to go home and pull out Cindy Morgan's The Loving Kind and Sigmund Brouwer's The Carpenter's Cloth to read and listen to this week. When I think about what Jesus did for us, it absolutely blows me away.

Well, it's time for lunch and then calling my parents. So I'll pretend this will post and sign off for now.

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