Monday, April 15, 2002

Riddle for you: What happens when you don't turn a computer on all day Sunday?
Answer: You wind up a day late answering the Sunday Op-Ed.

1) Cheesecake
What is one of my favorite desserts? I love the stuff. Especially Strawberry Cheesecake. I can never resist. But does that mean I've gone to a Cheesecake Factory yet? Of course not. I've been by the one in Pasadena lots of times, but never eaten there. Someday.

2) Wine
What is the area I grew up in best known for? That's right. I grew up in Sonoma County, which is right next to Napa County. Between the two.... But I've never tasted the stuff. I'm too afraid of getting hooked on alcohol, so I stay as far away from it as possible.

3) Dancing
What is one thing I really miss doing? I haven't really danced for 7 years now, and I really really miss it. I used to perform and help teach ballroom dance when I was in Santa Rosa. But it's frown on down here at Master's (how much seems to change depending on who you ask.) So I haven't persued it recently. But I'm not giving it up completely for the rest of my life.

So, now it's time for a weekend recap.

Saturday - Started with ultimate frisbee at 8 AM! Too early. We lost that game, but won the second. Matt and I had decided not to try to cram a trip to the beach into the day, but we did hang out at the pool for a couple hours. And I got a nice sunburn on my shoulders and upper back. Then we went to the concert. Nichole Norderman was too quite to really hear, which was too bad since I was going to see her, too. But Steven Curtis Chapman's part (the majority) was great. And the part with Steve Saint was very moving. A little unusual for a concert, but I really enjoyed it. After all, it was focused more on God and not on SCC. Nichole was supposed to be signing autographs afterward, but I couldn't find her, which was diappointing. Over all, it was good, but we got home late.

Sunday - The alarm clock went off way too soon. Stayed awake during church, however. Then talked to my parents, read, napped, played SNES with Donald, and came over to campus for the SNYF (Sunday Night Youth Fellowship.) Jon had planned out a scavenger hunt of sorts. Our youth pastor, Dave, and been "kidnapped." We had to follow the clues and find the person and then him. The guys team won, just barely. Some of the clues were much harder to find in the dark then Jon had figured, but it was fun. Ran all over campus, too. Then I went home and watched Alias. Much happier with last night's episode then last weeks.

Today? Work. Started two of my four loads of laundry at lunch. New episodes of 7th Heaven, Angel, Baby Bob, and Becker tonight. Guess what my plans are? :)

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