Thursday, April 25, 2002

Good afternoon.

Last night went well. The high school youth pastor told me that he followed what I was trying to do with the music time. I'm glad someone did. Never heard from Matt, so I enjoyed Enterprise with the others. Then read for a while and went to bed. Not that I went right to sleep, but at least I went to bed.

Went running for the first time all month this morning. I haven't been that sore today, which is unusual for me. Probably won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow, but I'll worry about that then.

Tonight is the Dove Awards. And I actually get to watch them on the night they air this year! The last several years, they've been prodcast at some point. Often a couple weeks later. Last year they didn't air at all when I could watch them. And what are they, you ask? They're the Christian Music Awards of course. An equivelant to the Country Music Awards. It's the only awards show I really watch.

I still need to watch the Amazing Race from last night. And Survivor tonight. Got a full night of vegging lined up. Can't wait.

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