Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Been a couple days. Guess I should blog something....

Got a real cool collector's item yesterday. While eating lunch with Cameron (Quizno's), he mentioned having seen a record copy of Michael W. Smith's original release at the Goodwill store. So I headed over there after work and bought it. 99 cents. Very different cover from the release/CD cover. Looks like he's in the front of a Tron era video game. And no, it'll do nothing but collect dust now, but who knows. It's in great shape. I'm sure I could get something for it if I needed to.

I only had 60 pages left in Stones of Jerusalem last night, but I still didn't finish it. Donald and I played Tetris and Tetris 2 on my SNES all night. But I finished it at lunch time.

Have I mentioned that there's no Bible study tonight? This week (don't ask me why) is spring break at Santa Clarita Christian School, so almost everything has been canceled. The high school group is still meeting, but Seth and Keirsten decided they didn't need me. :( LOL. So what will I be doing with my freedom? Remedial TV watching, of course. Plans are to watch last week's Enterprise for the first time, last night's 24 (I was available, but the friend I watch with wasn't. Ironic.), and tonight's Amazing Race. Should keep me out of trouble.

But right now? I'm off to write a review of the book I just finished at Amazon. And I might just be the first review, even though the books been out for 3 weeks.

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