Monday, July 28, 2008

Going Savage

So Friday was my first time going savage.

In all the years I've played Summer League ultimate Frisbee, I've never been on a team that had no subs show up. In fact, I've been on the team with five subs facing the team with zero subs. And I've always felt sorry for them. But Friday night was my turn.

I showed up only 10 minutes late (or 20 minutes early. The difference between official start time and when we really start). But I was the fourth person to show up. Slowly, three others showed up. And that was it. We had just barely the right ratio to play, too, since we had to have three women minimum.

The other team had three women subs and one male sub.

And we actually managed to hold our own pretty well. We traded points for the first five or so before we started falling behind. Then we had a late game rally. The lights went out, ending our game at 11-14. I don't think we would have come back and won if there had been time, but it was a nice way to go out.

Of course, we did get after each other quite a bit at times. I made a couple stupid mistakes. But what really got me was when we were playing zone offense and defense. One of the other guys kept telling me to do things I knew weren't right. When I got scored on, he started in on me about letting him know the last guy was taking off. Considering he had just told me to stick with him and I was behind him at the time, it's not exactly my fault.

But that's all behind me.

I had always wondered if I could play savage if I had to. The answer must be yes. Granted, I was tired and my legs and knees were killing me by the time we were done. But I did it! I think most of that is thanks to these work outs I've been doing. I'm in much better shape then I was a month ago even if I'm not in the same league as everyone else.

Our next game is tonight. Down in Venice. The unfortunate thing is I have a feeling it will be the exact same seven people we had on Friday. At least I know I can do this!


Anonymous said...

I would pass out I think! But then I'm really out of shape!

Mark Baker said...

I always thought I would, so it was nice finding out I could do it.

Ryan said...

im not surprised you could do it... im just surprised you even thought there was a possibility you couldn't do it! nice going

Mark Baker said...

Thanks, Ryan. I guess it was just the fear of the unknown.