Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Overdue Meme Answers

So, Stephen tagged me over a week ago. I really didn't intend to wait this long to repsond. Honest!

In an effort to keep it simple, short, and easy to follow, I’d like to challenge you to quote one verse (not one chapter). And then say what the Lord has been teaching you in one sentence (not one paragraph). Then tag 5 peeps (you know the drill).

Verse: Thou hast enclosed me behind and before, And laid Thy hand upon me. Psalm 139:5

Lesson: My trust, focus, hope, etc. needs to be on God not on man. (And you think I would have learned that by now.

Tagged: You!

That's right. If you've read this, I tagged you. Why am I so lazy? Because most of the people I could think of right off the bat to tag don't blog any more. And do leave me a comment if you do respond.


Stephen Jones said...

Great verse, Mark. Thanks for sharing. There are so many treasures tucked away in the Psalms. What a challenge to trust in God, and to know He always surrounds us with His love.

Sorry, but although I just read your post, I will not be responding to your tag. There are no tag-backs. Otherwise, we both might go spinning into some kind of endless meme vortex.

Mark Baker said...

Just because you've already done it is no excuse. :)

Actually, as much as I love that Psalm, I was reminded of it in the appendix of a Christian novel I finished recently. Really need it, too.