Friday, July 18, 2008

Good Times

This has been a pretty good week for me. Especially Wednesday.

I am sticking with the workouts. And I think I am noticing some differences. Other than being extremely sore, that is. The problem I am having is that they take so stinking long. For example, it was 8PM by the time I got home last night. That's really cutting into my TV watching time. I still have episodes from Sunday I haven't watched yet. And being that far behind is putting pressure on me.

But back to Wednesday.

It started with meeting my two new roommates.

Josiah had e-mailed me on Monday and Anthony called me Tuesday. Both responding to my ad here at work. They both came over Wednesday, liked the place, and are set to move in at the end of the month. We all three met for the first time Wednesday, and it seemed to go well. Granted, it was brief. But nothing jumped out at me.

And they didn't run away screaming when they saw my DVD's and books. Or Joanne Fluke posters for that matter.

Then, we won our ultimate Frisbee game!!!

Even better, we started out ahead and never let the other team catch us. At half, it was 8-4. And we won 15-8.

They threw zone defence on us a couple times, and I wound up playing popper, a position I had never played before. And I did very well at it. Maybe all those years playing wing thinking how I'd play popper paid off.

Even better, I had a perfect game. Every time it was thrown to me, I caught it and passed in on successfully. With how poorly I'd been feeling about my performances to date, I really needed that.

Of course, overall the team was helped by having some of our fastest players back from vacation.

On the downside, two more women got hurt, neither by anyone from the other team. I think we're down to three women until our fourth comes back. That's discouraging.

And the date of the tournament might be changing. Just as I was beginning to make August plans around it.


Anonymous said...

I'm fighting with motivation right now when it comes to exercise. I know that I need to do it, and often I feel better after I have gone for a run, or swim etc. but to actually get myself off the sofa and go...that is the true test of strength

Mark Baker said...

I hear ya. It really helps that I've got some accountability in the form of the people who are leading the program I am following.