Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Sad Closing

Ask anyone who knows me well, and they'll tell you I love mysteries. The only real stretch into science fiction that took was Babylon 5. But that's not to say that I didn't watch Star Trek and enjoy it over the years. I'm just not fanatical about it.

But this week, I heard that Star Trek: The Experience is closing in September. And that makes me very sad.

I went back in 2004 when Matt and I were there campaigning before the election. We went after the end of a long day of walking and leaving literature all over neighborhoods. All I wanted to do was sit and rest. Fortunately, we had already bought tickets, so I felt we had to go. And I had a blast.

I wasn't too impressed with the museum part of things. But the rest was fun.

They had various actors walking around dressed as the aliens from the show. And they were perfect. They maintained the species character at all times. And it was a hoot interacting with them.

They had two rides. One is a simulator based on Next Generation. But it wasn't just a simulator. As part of the "ride" they took us to a replica of the Enterprise's bridge. Again, they employed real actors as well as videos of the stars from the show. And the simulator, once we got there, was pretty fun.

The other ride was actually a 3-d movie based on Voyager. Again, it had two of the actors on screen and lots of actors on the walk through parts. This one dealt with the borg, and it was downright freaky to me. Of course, I've always found the borg the scariest of the franchises villains.

I was disappointed I could go to the restaurant because it was closed for a private function.

I'm sure to Trekkies it was absolutely wonderful. But even this casual fan was impressed and had a good time. I hope that the stuff isn't destroyed and they figure out some place to open it again in the future because I wouldn't mind visiting again.

This is my entry for Watercooler Wednesday.


Leslie said...

That makes me sad too - but only because I've always wanted to go. I was tempted to go to it when I was in Las Vegas - but got peeved when I couldn't find out when the closed in the evenings (would I have enough time to go after the conference was done for the day), so ended up going. I guess I should have gone.

I'm surprised and not at the same time. One because a new movie is coming out ... but they've probably been seeing less and less people since there hasn't been any real Star Trek out in the last 10 years (Enterprise not counting - even though it was good, most people didn't count it as Star Trek. No new ST means no new fans.

I used to consider myself a Trekkie - but not anymore. I might see the movie in the theaters when it comes out. Maybe. Then again I may wait until its been out on DVD for 8 months.

Mark Baker said...

It's too bad you didn't go because it is worth it. Of course, with the price, I wouldn't have gone if I didn't know I'd have enough time to enjoy it either.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I went there once and thought it was just awesome. And eating at Quarks was also great. I wonder why it's being closed.

Mark Baker said...

Lack of attendence is what I've heard.

And I so wish I could have eaten at Quarks!