Friday, June 27, 2008

Trixie Friends Weekend (and More Ultimate)

So, we're just about up to date. All I need to talk about is this week.

Actually, most of the post can talk about this last weekend, which was an absolute blast. Why? I got to hang out with friends from the Trixie Belden boards.

The fun started for me Saturday at noon when I met up with Angelique, Jenn, and Donna at the Westwood Library. No, we weren't hunting Trixie's. We were there to stalk authors, specifically R. T. Jordan and Laura Levine. They were doing a talk and signing. I needed Richard's newest signed and Angelique needed Laura's latest. Poor Jenn and Donna just got dragged along for the ride. But all of us had a great time. The two of them were very funny and interesting. Heck, I learned something about Laura's series I never knew before. And Jenn bought Laura's latest, too, mainly because I am in the acknowledgements. We stayed around chatting with the two of them for a long time afterward.

Then from there we went to grab lunch and just chatted for a couple hours before taking Donna back to the airport.

I spent Saturday night at Angelique's because we had to get an early start the next morning for San Diego. Our first stop was the San Diego Zoo since Jenn needed to see the newest baby panda. Fortunately, we were able to get in free. And we actually got quite a bit of the zoo in during the three hours we had to see it. It was roasting hot all weekend, and I thought it would be cooler in San Diego, but it wasn't.

At least not at the Zoo.

From there we went down to PetCo park so Jenn could mark another baseball park off her list. We opted for tickets in the shade, and surprisingly, we were cold most of the time. Go figure. The San Diego Padres were playing the Detroit Tigers. Good game. And yes, that now means that this non-sports person has been to 4 Major league baseball parks.

By the time we were headed home, I was getting very tired. So Jenn invented a new game for us to play. We took turns thinking of scenes from the Trixie books, and the other two in the car had to come up with which book it was from. Did the trick. And it was remarkably fun.

Unfortunately, I have been paying for it all week. I just can not get up in the morning. Granted, it might help if I went to bed earlier at night.

And Wednesday, we had our ultimate Frisbee game. We got slaughtered, although it started out close. At half we were only down by one point, 7-8. But we only scored once in the second half, so the final score was 8-15. We just didn't play well that second half. Of course, it didn't help that we only had two men and one woman subs while the other team had at least one complete team worth of subs. And I think next week will be even worse sub wise. But it means lots of playing time for me. Guess I'd better make sure I can handle it.


Anonymous said...

I think it's been a year?...since I was here last, and you still blog abotu trixie and are so AWESOME! I'm back at my old blogger blog...why and I so trusting and get so mixed up with strange on line people? lol, it's in my nature I guess.

Mark Baker said...

Awesome. I like that. It's so much better than boring and predictable. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

I'm new to blogging but enjoyed reading your blog and checking out your layout (and Ultimate Frisbee references)