Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mini Review: Murder is Binding

Today's mini review is on Murder is Binding, the debut mystery from Lorna Barrett.

Tricia is the newest owner in a town devoted to books. She's opened the mystery bookstore called Haven't Got a Clue.

But she'll have to get some clues when the owner of the cookbook store is found murdered and a rare cookbook vanishes. The locals seem to think she had something to do with it since she found the body. Can she find the killer while dealing with her sister?

This is one of those weird books. I enjoyed it, but it was flawed. Tricia and the other series regulars were well developed, but the other characters, including the suspects, were flat. The plot moved along in fits and starts and had a rather abrupt ending. But I have a feeling I will be back when the next Booktown Mystery comes out.

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