Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mini Review: Pushing Up Daisies

Another disappointing book is the subject for today's mini review. I'll be talking about Pushing Up Daisies by Rosemary Harris.

Paula Holliday runs her own gardening business in a small Connecticut town. When she gets the job of restoring a local landmark she is thrilled. That is until she uncovers a dead baby's body in the garden. That discovery will unlease all kinds of long buried secrets. But where will it all lead?

The premise sounded interesting, but the execution was sloppy. Outside of the potential series regulars, the rest of the characters were poor and all blended together. The pacing was boring during the first half and even when things picked up, most of the plot points came from sudden revelations by Paula with hardly any background.

I did find the last half interesting, but it really wasn't a fully grown book.


Anonymous said...

I had problems warming up to this one too.

Mark Baker said...

Always nice to know I'm not the only one. Especially since most everyone at Amazon loved it.