Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mini Review: Final Curtain

Today's mini review is of Final Curtain by R. T. Jordan.

Polly Pepper's summer regional theater gig this summer is in Glendale, which means she doesn't even have to leave town. Even better, she playing the lead in Mame, her favorite role ever.

But things get off to a horrid start when the director is murdered the second day of rehersals. One of the cast is arrested, but Polly isn't buying it. Can she figure out who done it while remembering the tricky new choreography?

I get a kick out of these characters. Polly and her entourage (consisting of her gay son Tim and maid/friend Placenta) are over the top even though they don't think they are. But it works for this book set around the wacky town of Hollywood. The plot moves forward well, throwing in an Emmy for information ransom as well.

The only weakness is the writing. The author just tries too hard to be flowery at times, and it just gets in the way of the story.

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