Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Since it's Tuesday and I have yet to do this week's word association game, thought I'd take a moment to do that.

  1. Pitbull:: mean dog
  2. TD:: Jakes
  3. Carter:: President
  4. Japan:: Good Cars and electronics
  5. 50:: 100
  6. Streak:: Green (more on this in a minute)
  7. Rifle:: gun
  8. Trap:: hunter
  9. Easter:: He is Risen!!!!!!
  10. Mitt:: ball

I think I've mentioned that I have received my first complimentary book to review at Amazon. Green Streak by uncle/nephew team Daniel J. Hale and Matthew LaBrot. Well, they liked my review so much (which has yet to show up at Amazon!) that they've posted it on the site for the book. I really feel honored now!

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