Saturday, March 06, 2004

Now there's something you don't see every day. I just got an e-mail attachment with a virus in it on my yahoo e-mail account. And the return address? My completely different hotmail account. What was I sending myself? And how did this amazing coincidence happen since I usually don't send e-mail back and forth between the two? Between my Master's account and one or the other, sure, but not between those two.

Weird. Definitely weird.

In other news, today I went to a book signing for Fudge Cupcake Murder, the newest Hannah Swenson murder by Joanne Fluke. had a wonderful time, even if I couldn't taste her cookies since they were a pecan cookie this time around. :( Still, I can't wait to start the book, which I will as soon as I finish the Zits collection I started reading last night.

You know, I haven't commented yet on the mess going on at Disney right now. And, as a shareholder, I do have a stake in this. That's right, I own exactly one share. :) And, I voted for the rest of the board except for Eisner. Yep, the guy who used to sing his praises voted to oust him. Or at least restrict him. Whatever the vote was actually for. (Board of director votes are weird, let me tell you.)

Yes, when Eisner first took over the company, he turned it around. And for that I will always be grateful. He did it by trying new things. He's now afraid to try new things. Heck, they're shutting down their traditional animation units because they think it doesn't sell any more. I've got a news flash for them. Their latest movies haven't been the blockbusters they were having 10 years ago because the films haven't been as good. They've certainly been entertaining (I've loved them), but they just aren't as good as they once were. And, when movie ticket prices skyrocket, parents are going to need a good movie to fork out the bucks to take their kids to. You bring in some new writers and you've got yourself a movie again.

Sadly, they will learn this after their first few computer animated movies have also failed. Letting Pixar go was a huge mistake because those guys tell a great story in style. And style is only part of the equastion.

So yeah, I want to see Eisner gone or at least fostering creative ideas to bring back what Disney should stand for. That's the way to turn the company around again.

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