Thursday, March 04, 2004

Morning. Time for this week's Thursday Threesome, brought to us by the night life and The Back Porch.

Onesome: Night: -- Nights can be difficult if you need something from somewhere: what time do the stores shut down where you are? I mean, if you needed something more than a loaf of bread, is there any hope late at night?
Stores shut down about 9 or 10 around here with the exception of Sunday, when it seems to be six. Even the grocery stores were shutting down at the time. Hopefully now that the employees are back at work they’ll stay opened longer.

Twosome: on the-- River? Hey, are there any rivers near you? ...or are you located out in the wilderness somewhere?
Is the desert close enough to wilderness? The closest river is the Kern, where we take the youth rafting every summer. Takes a couple hours to get there, too. Of course, the ocean is only about 45 minutes away, so that's much better.

Threesome: Town!-- If you could have any "Night on the Town" you wanted, what would you like to do? ...and would you like some company or would you go it alone?
Definitely love some company, but I’m pretty boring. Some bowling would suffice to make me happy. Although it would be fun to hit the tourist spots in Hollywood at some point. Probably do that during the day, however.

And, just in case you were wondering, I'm 41% snob. If you want to find out how snobby you are, go here.

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