Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Last night was a major disappointment!

We had tickets to go to a taping of a sit com. Specifically, Reba. Bascially, this is the only sit com I really enjoy anymore. I came into work early and skipped my lunch so we could get down to the studio in time. Since Jeff was running late, we left about 20 minutes later then I wanted to. But we still made it down there on time.

Only to wait. Basically, we were well beyond the crowd they knew they could get in. So we waited. And inched forward. And waited. Fifteen minutes before the taping started, we were told that if the production seats weren't filled, we'd get in. Otherwise, we were out of luck. So we waited some more. About 10 minutes after taping was supposed to start, we got the word. We were out of luck. We did get autographed picutres of Reba and a voucher for a "front of the line" pass at a future taping. But my heart was set on that last night, so I was rather disappointed.

Since it was still rush hour, we decided to drive around Beverly Hills and Hollywood for a while. Jeff claimed he knew where we were going, but he sure did seem to constantly be turned around. Still, we did make it to downtown Hollywood and did the tourestry things like look at stars names on the sidewalk and look for them in the cement in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater. Found Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart amoung others. What surprises me is some of the new ones they have. I mean, eventually they will run out of space, right?

I've now done my tourist duty for another 8 years, right? (That's how long it's been since the last time I was there.)

It made for an ok evening, but not what I would have done had I known. A local theater company was holding auditions for "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" last night. I would have auditioned had I known. I've always said (to myself) that if I found out about auditions, I would. I know I never would have gotten the part, but I'd like to at least say I tried. O well, next time, right?

In other news, I finished a Buried Lie Monday night after buying The Mystery off Glen Road. I've started my reread of that to review. Warning to all you Trixie fans, it will be negative. I really dislike this book!

I found my way back to the message board I quit six weeks ago today looking for some specific information. Found out my fiend left 20 days after I did, but rather publicly. He was upset because the moderator asked him to reign in his out of control rehtoric a bit and when he didn't, she installed a limit on how often he could post in a day. You don't play by the rules, you face the consequences. Will I be going back? No, because there are others there just as arrogant as he was, only less outwardly hostile. Plus I can't stand the moderator anymore because of how she thought he did nothing wrong. The only reason she stepped in like she did was because of lots of e-mails. Frankly, I'd like to know who because it wasn't from me or any of the others who I would have guessed they'd be from on the board. I've lost respect for many of the people there I didn't agree with because they refused to take my side on the personal attacks (and they were, no matter what anyone tells you) until I left. Then they ask me to come back. Why be surprised when I don't. :)

That went much longer then I meant it to go.

I know I'm behind on quizzes, so here's a new one no one else has done yet. :)

And now for some that are making the rounds:

Glad I have that cleared up. :)

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

I'm hoping that's a random thing and not a sign of things to come. :)

Maybe I'd better stop before it gets worse.

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