Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee,

In the last couple of weeks, I've had two more Ultimate Frisbee games.

We lost the first of those big time. I don't remember all the details, but it seemed we started out pretty even. But they quickly pulled ahead and took it to half. We never recovered and lost 9-15.

Thursday's game looked to be a repeat. We lost the first four points. Then our captain called a time out, mainly to break momentum. It worked because we scored the next four points to tie the game. We battled back and forth a little before taking it to half at 8-6. (Must remember, half is at 8, not 7.) And in the second half, we really seemed to dominate. We did let them catch back up a little because the final score was 15-12, but we scored about 5 unanswered points at the beginning of the half.

I was also rather happy with my performance. I did drop one disc in the end zone and made one horrid throw, but for the most part, if it was thrown to me, I caught it and passed it on successfully.

Of course, my attitude could use a little work. It started when I was picked (which is against the rules in the game.) rather majorly. As in I wound up rolling on the grass. I was fine, but when someone asked why I didn't call the pick, I said something about it being hard to call it when you are rolling on the ground. It was supposed to be funny, but even to my ears it sounded harsh. Then, I called a foul the next point I was in. I think that set the tone because both sides seemed rather contensious the rest of the day. I did make one spectacularly bad call late in the game, but when I tried to apologize for it, the other guy wouldn't even acknowledge me. That really hurt. Especially since it was an honest mistake.

But the win made up for most of that. I've just got to get a good night sleep tonight so I'm not nearly as big a grump.

Our game this week will be interesting because we are loosing two more good players to vacation. We are going to be lean on people in July. The good news is everyone should be back for the tournament in mid-August.

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