Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Free Download. Act Now!

Looking for some new music to brighten your summer? Well, today on Watercooler Wednesday, I am passing along info on a free download happening during the month of June only.

The band downhere is currently offering their latest release, 2006's Wide Eyed and Mystified, as a free download. The entire album. Just go here.

So, what to know a little more about the band?

downhere is a Christian rock band from Canada. I enjoyed their first CD, liked a couple songs from their second CD, and love this one. It's got some good rock songs like "The More" and "Stir" but plenty of slower, thoughtful songs like "A Better Way" or the smooth "1000 Miles Apart." (If you want to read my full review, follow this link.)

In the last two years, I've gotten to see the band live three times, and they rock. I also have the blogs of two of the band members on my list there on the right. (Lavs' Blog and Normal Rockstar.)

They have a new CD coming out in September, so now's the perfect time to discover their music.


Paul J. said...

Thanks for the hookup!

Mark said...

You're welcome. Hope you enjoy.

Audra Krell said...

Very nice - appreciate you passing this along!

Mark said...

No problem.