Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Wow, I haven't blogged since Sunday. Maybe it's time for me to post a few things.

Sunday night no one went swimming at the SNYF. My cover was safe, however, as I had my jeans on over my swim trunks. But I got home about 10. Managed to watch the Survivor Finale completely unaware Monday night. I was rooting for Kathy, but any of those four were fine, which is good since V won. Of course, I wasn't inpressed with her "people of color" speech during the reunion. And if she was so sure she was going to win, why did she fall down when Jeff announced it? But, on to Thailand in the Fall.

This week has been your average week. I've been burying my head in the sand at work. Funny, that doesn't help get the work done. Enjoyed the finales of 7th Heaven and Angel. Although I must admit, I'm still more then willing to give up Angel in the fall if I have to since it's on opposite Alias. Found out last night that our Wednesday night youth Bible study won't be changing formats at all this summer. Which means I get to keep hanging out with Seth and Keirstein like I am now. They still don't know what they're doing in the fall, but this gives us more time together.

Watched 24 at lunch time. What a powerful ending. If they weren't to come back in the fall, I'd be perfectly happy. That ending had all the drama, excitement, hope, and tears you could expect from TV. Now, you all know I much prefer Alias, but this hour of 24 was better then any one hour of Alias. Not by much, but still better. Over all, Alias is still much better, of course. :) And if you aren't watching, now's the time to start. Sunday, 9 PM (8 central) on ABC.

Bible study is starting early tonight. The jr. high is meeting at a semi-fast food place for dinner before hand. It's our big activity of the month, but it also means I'll be rushing to get out of here so I have time to eat with all of them and still be set up and ready when it's time for Bible Study to start.

So that's it for now. I'll be back in the morning with the Thursday Threesome.

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