Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Well, I'm back in town. Last week was a week. It went well, considering what was going on. It's going to be with all of us for a while, however.

Grpop was in good health for an 86 year old. Numorous people mentioned that there are many other people they thought would go long before he did.

And I've figured out why this is effecting me so much. When Grandma died, she'd been sick for a while, going down hill rather quickly. I'd done most of my grieving over the summer before she died, and when she actually did die, there was a sense of relief because she wasn't suffering any more. But since Grpop was such a shock, it's going to take me longer. Of course, he didn't suffer, which is a plus. No, you can't make me happy.

Looks like I'm going to inherrite some money. Maybe enough for a down payment on a condo. But I'd much rather have Grpop. (Not that anyone would have thought differently.)

On to other things. I have a roommate for the summer! Possibly longer, if he desides to try to move off campus next year. He has to move in this week since the dorms close at graduation, so it'll be crowded for a couple weeks. But the three of us will manage.

And, as promised, I'm going to do the Thursday Threesome. Last week, it was brought to you by Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and The Back Porch.

Onesome. Lions! Can a lion tame its mane? What about you? Tell us your worst hair memory...
Believe it or not, when my hair was longer (read two or three inches. A normal man's cut.), I used to have some serious problems with getting to to lie down properly. Especially in the back. If I didn't comb it when it was wet, it was a lost cause.

Then came the fateful day two years ago when I did this on April Fool's Day. Basically, I decided to take a joking dare from a couple friends. And I haven't let my hair grow longer then an inch since. Now there's no such this as a bad hair day for me. I just towel dry and go. Never have to comb.... And I have shaved my head again completely since then, too. With no hair, it's impossible to have a bad hair day. :)

Twosome. Tigers! Can a tiger change its stripes? Can people really change?
Absolutely! I've seen people change completely after certain things happen to them. Especially becoming a Christian.

Threesome. Bears! Who's a grumpy bear? 'Fess up - what makes you grumpy?
Being tired. Most of the time, if I'm grumpy, I'm overly tired. People treating me like dirt tends to do the same thing. Especially if I'm tired. :)

That's all for now. Have a great day.

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