Thursday, May 23, 2002

Ok, so I didn't make it back until afternoon. I had a humongous deposit to get done at work this morning. And I have lots of stuff waiting on my desk this afternoon, too, so it will have to be quick.

But before I begin, a happy belated birthday to Deb. Please know you're in my prayers.

Ok, time for The Thursday Threesome. This week, it's brought to you by one room schoolhouses and The Back Porch.

Onesome. Readin. Tell me about your favorite book you read as a kid.
O boy. Where do I start? Well, for about a year, all I read was Little Pilgrim's Progress. Then in third grade, I found The Chronicles of Narnia and read all of them as quickly as I could. Over the years, I also fell in love with The Great Brain, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, and The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. But then in 7th grade, I found Trixie Belden. Love that series still and still read it.

Twosome. 'Ritin. Everyone does a Senior Research paper. What was YOUR Senior Research Paper about?
Actually, I didn't do a senior research paper. All the juniors in high school had to do one about the US during the 20th century. Mine was on the Camp David Accords during Carter's Presidency. Interesting, especially in light of current stuff.

Threesome. 'Rithmatic. Using those 'rithmatic skills to balance the, what store seems to have the most entries in your register, and what the heck have you been buying there?
Well, aside from bills, that would have to be Crime Time Books, the mystery book store I like in Passadena. Seems I'm over there buying books at least once a month. Do I actually get through everything I buy? Of course not. Does that stop me from buying more? Again, of course not. Another regular entry would be my Disney Credit Card. I use it all the time when buying DVD's at The Disney Store.

So there you have it. Now post your own answers on your blog and let us know where to find them.

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