Friday, May 17, 2002

Just pretend this posted last night. I tried, but it was when blogger was down.

You know, if I could get a good night’s sleep, it might help with my rollercoaster. Last night Donald, Jeff and I were talking until after midnight. But I didn’t fall permanently asleep until after 2. I must have dozed off, but it couldn’t have been for more then half an hour.

I’ve been trying to find someone to go to the beach with me Saturday. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who already have plans for that day. I’m surprised. I thought I was booked in advance.

Found out last night that for the next month the Durons and I are it when it comes to jr. high staff. But when team Ethiopia gets back, we’ll have Angie and Becky back. At least for the summer. I think Becky is going to our Israel campus in the fall. Guess I never did mention that three of the jr. high staff are on a month long missions trip with Master’s.

I did find out one of the people Dave’s talking to about coming in is someone who was in jr. high when I started working with them. While it would be weird for a little while, Kurt’s a great guy who’s really matured, and I think it would be a good thing.

Also got the information about the triathlon for this year last night. Unfortunately, they’ve up the running part to three miles. Unless that was a misprint. I have really got to start running. And swimming. And biking. I’m so out of shape, it’s not even funny. And I’ve gained 5 pounds this week, too.

On to other matters.

I’m mad at 24 right now. What they did Tuesday night was great from a plot twist angle, but makes no sense from a logic standpoint. And I like to have both. Don’t see how they’ll wrap everything up in 1 hour.

But I was thrilled to death with the outcome of The Amazing Race. I was rooting for Chris and Alex all along. And Wil and Tara so deserved to loose. I thought it was very telling that Wil was shocked no one would give them the clue when they lost it. And that he immediately blamed Tara like he has all along. I was actually cheering when Chris and Alex passed not only Tara but Wil, too.

And tonight is Survivor (leave Sean). Then CSI and, via tape delay, the season finale of Friends. That promises to be interesting tonight. We’ll see how they leave us hanging for the summer, one last time.

So now that that’s over, I’ll try to post again later today.

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