Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Man, it's been five days. Guess I should take this day by day to make sure I don't miss anything.

Saturday - Mike's graduation from the JC. Went well, although it was hard when they talked about an 88 year old who was getting an AA that day. Made me think of Grpop, who wasn't there. Also ran into my friend Kevin. His older sister was graduating. He introduced me to his fiancee.

Sunday - Skipped church, spent the afternoon and evening at Grpop's. Got silverware, a microwave, an entertainment stand, his keyboard, and his golf clubs. Hopefully, this won't come back to bit me with people being jealous of what I took. Then we went home and tried to load up my car. Took forever, especially since they were trying to find the rest of the bed parts. Naturally, they found them after I left Monday - at Grpop's.

Monday - Drove home. Stopped and saw Donald's new place and then we went to lunch. That was hard for me, because in the back of my mind was the thought, "This is it. It'll be over soon." The mattress kept getting slightly looser each time I stopped. Fortunately, I had an Odyssey collection to take my mind off of it. And boy, did it ever! I can't wait to see where they're going to wind up with the whole Novacom thing. Took me forever to get home. When I did, Jeff and I unloaded my car and played the Stock Market Game. I beat him solidly, but not as bad as Donald beat the two of us last week.

Yesterday - Work and Seth and Keirstein's.

I have been procrastinating, still. What's wrong with me? Not doing any work certainly doesn't decrease the stress factor. I have got to get cracking and get some things accomplished. I'm been hoping to avoid working this weekend, but I'm beginning to think that'll be a necessity. But maybe I'll get a lot done in the next two days. And maybe pigs will fly. Then when I get home, I need to get the bed together for Jeff and set everything up on the TV stand. I NEED A VACATION!! Fortunately, Trixie convention is only 15 days away. :)

Met Dave for lunch today. Was nice to have a chance to talk with him. And I've got youth group tonight. Which means that tomorrow is another round of the Thursday Threesome.

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