Friday, May 24, 2002

Got to post this really quick. I'm outta here (the office that is) in half an hour. I'm heading up to my parents again to attend my brother's junior college graduation. And I still have to go home, eat lunch, and pack. I was going to pack last night, but Donald, Jeff, and I wound up playing my copy of The Stock Market Game until about 12AM. Then Donald had to jump in the pool since he won, so by the time we picked the game up, I decided to go to bed.

What's this about the pool, you ask. It's funny how things like this get started. Tuesday, Donald and I were playing my Disney Monopoly. I was doing laundry, and walking by the pool, it kept calling me. When he lost, I told him he had to jump in the pool as a penalty. I decided to jump in, too, but when we got down there, Donald decided it was too cold for him. After debating, I dove in, swam the length of the small pool, and got out. It was cold, but not that bad. We'd joked about me winning and being the one to get in. So when Donald trounched us at the game, I looked at him and said, "Now, you've got to jump in the pool." Which he did with no hesitation. Jeff and I talked about joining him, but decided the pool was too cold. And it was colder then it was two days ago.

Donald is on his way to his new place right now. Not being one to say goodby easily, I'm stopping by to see the new place on my way back Monday. I'm am really going to miss him. He's been the best friend I've had in years.

I got so little occomplished this morning. Spent almost the entire time on the deposit. And I had stuff I really needed to do. But I don't have time now. It'll have to wait for Tuesday. To get to where I should be, I think I'm going to need to work every day for the next two weeks. Guess I'll have to start applying myself more after this.

I probably won't check in again until Tuesday, so have a great weekend everyone.

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