Sunday, May 12, 2002

Well, it's Sunday, and I'm tired. But I'm sitting at my desk playing on my computer, so it must be time for the Sunday Op-Ed by Chris in his new home. Haven't done one of these in weeks.

1) Mom
Who do I really wish I could be with today? I think it's because of Grpop (her dad.) Usually it doesn't matter to me either way if I see her for Mother's Day or not. Which might be why I very seldome have since I moved down here. But this year calling just didn't seem to be enough. But I'll be back up there in two weeks. Guess I'll have to wait.

2) Flowers
What does Mom never get for Mother's Day? Of course, it has to do with allergies. We love here and don't want her to suffer from the pollen. :)

3) Children
Who owes their existence to their Mothers? As my mom was always pointing out, "I went to death's door to give you life."

Well, Donald graduated yesterday and Seth graduates tonight. Jeff's moved in, and all his stuff's in a corner. Sounds like I'll have a car full of stuff when I come back from SR end of the month. Alias season finale is tonight, and I can't wait. BTW, have I posted my theory here that Syd will find her mother as the season ending cliffhanger? We'll just have to wait and see that I'm right. I mean IF I'm right.

I had more stuff I was thinking of posting, but my mind has gone blank. I think it's something about being tired and my brain not working properly.

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