Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Twisting and Turning

I need a better paying job. I can't stand all these twists and turns!

Last night at dinner, Casey told me that he would have a job on campus this summer no matter what, so he was going to move in. Great, I thought. I now have all roommates found. The other guy was going to come over and check the place out last night, but I thought he was a sure thing.

And the other guy did come over and check the place out. After 10 minutes of looking for parking. Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not, but when he was leaving, he told me that he needed to run numbers and would let me know by the end of the week if he planned to move in or not. Um, what was that last week about wanting to move in for sure? So now I get to wait longer to find out how many roommates I'll have next month. And this is after I told someone he couldn't move in cause I had found all the roommates I needed.

Meanwhile, Casey needs to move in in a week and a half because that's when the dorms close. My roommates had told me they'd work around it two weeks ago. Suddenly it's going to be a problem. Yep, the same roommates who thought having 5 people there for two weeks back in Feb. was ok. "Where's he going to put his stuff?" "With us packing up it'll be hard." Excuse me?! I have bent over backwards to work around you. You can work around me.

Maybe I should have kicked them all out in March like I was tempted to do.

Meanwhile, I got to have lunch with David today. Great to catch up with him. And we're planning to start swimming on our lunch hours once the students go to get ready for the trathlon we're both planning on doing in July. It's the same one I've done in years past up at Castaic. Should be good.

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