Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Someday I'll Get the Knack of Sun Screen Down

Saturday, the youth group went to the beach in Santa Barbara. It was probably about 80, slight breeze. A very nice day. And the water was really warm, too. Threw a Frisbee around for a while, hung out, swam. In fact, I was the first to swim out to a red buoy in the little harbor where we were hanging out. Of course, once I'd done it two high schoolers and two high school staff had to do it as well. See, I'm a leader others can follow. :)

If only they'd obey. We basically turned the kids loose with a couple rules such as what areas they could go to, when to be back, and what size group they could be in. High school, 5 or more. Jr. High had to have an adult with them. We'd been there maybe half an hour when four jr. high school guys decided to head off by themselves. There were rather mad with me when I stopped them. I offered to go with them, but that wasn't good enough. Fortunately, the other leaders backed me up, and there were some there to back me up when it started. A minor inconvenience, but not enough to completely ruin my day.

The true downside is my sun burn. Yes, I put sun screen on. Twice. But I still got a nice sun burn on my shoulders and back. What's really funny is the splotches of white skin where I obviously did get the sun screen.

In other news, the other staff who helps with the worship team is leaving youth staff effective in a couple weeks. I'm majorly bummed, especially since we've got two almost high schoolers ready to join the group who don't respect me at all. The two high schoolers will be staying, so for at least a year I'm sure they'll be setting a good example and help keep them in line. But after that.... I'm going to have to talk to the youth pastor about how to handle this situation as the time draws closer.

My roommates should have the keys to their new place. No word to me about when they intend to be out, however. I'm hearing this week, but nothing for sure.

And my shower has started leaking again. Can't turn it off tight enough. This was supposed to be fixed last summer! Frustrating. I'll have to try to talk to someone from maintenance tomorrow who will know how to fix it. Called him today, but for some reason he wasn't sitting by his desk waiting for me to call. Ironically, I had seen him twice before Phil suggested I talk to him.

So, I finished one of the two Alias books that came out this month. Faina needed a little more editing. Don't know if I was just oblivious to the bad writing on some of them or if the longer length made it more noticeable. Second half was great.

I'm now working my way through Dangerous Depths. I think I've about had it with this series. The environmentalism is slowing down the story and making it too predictable, too. Plus, it's taking it to the anti-business extreme. I'd like to meet more then our hero's boyfriend who is a business person who cares about the environment. Is that too much to ask?

Finally, I have to take a cue from Lee Goldberg and mock a couple people who have sent me spam. (Be forewarned. If I don't know you and you send me spam, this might be you next time.)

The first is from someone wanting me to read their book and review it at Amazon. Get them all the time and usually ignore them because I'm usually not at all interested. Like this one, for example. The e-mail says, "You are an experienced Amazon.com reviewer for books on investing, and I value your opinion." That's great that my opinion is valued. However, I have never reviewed a financial book at Amazon. Can we say form letter?

This second one was too good to pass up. It was correctly sent to my junk mail folder here at work. Here's the first paragraph:
Requesting Your Permission:
Outward Media, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based,
results-oriented marketing firm specializing in marketing communications
solutions. We would like the opportunity to send you information regarding our
new Private Opt-in Messaging platform that creates a secure, SPAM-FREE
communication channel between you and your customers.

You mean spam like your message to me was? Just wondering.

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