Friday, May 20, 2005

In Which I Play Hooky

Ok, maybe not really. But it felt like it at the time. And was very, very fun.

You see, yesterday was the only booksigning within a few hours of me for Donna Andrews while she's out from the east coast. Now, I think most of you know I'm a Donna Andrews fan. But I had two unautographed books. I just had to change this.

I debated for a couple weeks if I was going to try to go or not. I don't know why. I know me. I'd be upset if I didn't at least try. So yesterday I brought the books into work with me and asked Phil if I could take a couple hours off in the afternoon. He said sure, so I took off.

Unfortunately, the signing was still a ways away. Down in Thousand Oaks to be exact. But it was worth it. Donna was her normal entertaining self, and all of my books by her are once again personally autographed.

Beside, there's something about being out when the rest of the world is at work that makes it even more special. I realized as I was driving back how nice it was to not be thinking about work for a few hours during work hours. Sometimes it's the little vacations in life that are the best, right?

No youth group last night - school play. So I buzzed my head (still a crew cut, not shaved) and watched TV on DVD.

The new lease for the roommates moving out will be ready to be signed early next week. Maybe the two going to Kansas will be out by Thursday. *Crosses fingers that this will go quickly and well.*

Still nothing on that job I interviewed for on Monday.

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