Friday, May 13, 2005

Hardly Unlucky

So today was Friday the 13th. I've never put much stock in it being lucky or unlucky going along with the theory that people just notice things more on one day over the other.

You see, I found out my new roommate Casey got the job here on campus he was going for. So there's a chance that he'll become a permanent roommate and not just a summer roommate. At least I hope it works out like that.

Of course, with Casey as a roommate, I guess I'll have to stop complaining about my roommates on this blog since some of you know him. :)

In other news, I hardly slept Wednesday night. No idea why, but my heart was racing and mind racing. Probably having something to do with everything going on in the next few days.

I am feeling better today. In fact, I'm feeling better today then I have felt in about a week. I got allergy shots yesterday. Wonder if there's something out there that was putting me over the top.

Youth group went well last night. We finally watched the video presentation of the pictures from the scavenger hunt last month. My team lost. :( Let Jared take a song on his own during worship because I just wasn't getting the hang of it during rehersal. No one commented, so if they noticed, it obviously didn't make a big impression.

Then I went over to Kurt and Kellie's house to watch the year end show video. Ok, so I'd just seen it the week before. But I desided that I should take them up on a chance to hang out and be social. And I'm glad I went. Had lots of fun. (Have I mention K&K on my blog before? They're both on jr. high staff and got married two weeks ago.)

And a rant about my roommates. Two of them are going home to Kansas for Memorial Day weekend. How did I find this out? By evasdropping. Never mind the fact that they know that Casey moves in tonight since the dorms close. They are leaving the Thursday before and will be back the 31st or the 1st. Now I don't know why they are going, but does it seem smart to you to plan a trip out of state for the time when you've known for three months you're moving? And not discuss it with your land lord? I've been joking about changing the locks on the 1st. Maybe I really need to.

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