Sunday, September 19, 2004

Word Association for Sept 19th

Well, I've left myself 30 minutes to do it this week. Still no songs picked out. And I need to cut my fingernails since I forgot to do that this morning. But I'm here now doing the word association, which I always take from here.

  1. Pointless:: A few movies I've seen
  2. Sadistic:: Torture
  3. Bunny:: Hop
  4. Betrayal:: Knife in the back
  5. Oliver:: North
  6. Star Wars:: Missle Defense (yes, even with all the hype. And it's usually the other way around, too.)
  7. Let it ride:: Don't make an issue out of it.
  8. Ray of light:: Hope
  9. Tight:: Rope
  10. Gadget:: Inspector

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