Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekends Aren't Long Enough

Heck, I complained my three day weekend wasn't long enough last week, and I feel the same way today. Of course, since my Sunday's are so broken up with stuff I have to do anyway, it hardly counts anymore. It's more like a one day weekend.

Saturday was loads of fun. I went to Santa Monica with Matt (no, the other one) and Casey. We played in the water, threw a frisbee around, and played in the water. That's when the non-fun part came. Matt lost his glasses in the water. We tried, but couldn't find them. And his spare pair were at his parent's in Garden Grove, so we headed down there. That's when the really non-fun part started. We drove within a mile of Disneyland. Boy was it calling me! But I resisted. We hung out at Matt's for a little while and ate dinner. He made me drool over his book collection. And we found his spare glasses. All in all, it was about an 8 hour day, but we had a blast together.

Sunday was the usual. Church, talking to family, internet, church stuff again at night. We did practice for Thursday on Sunday for something different. And I'm very excited about the songs we'll be doing. "I Stand in Awe" with both verses. A great version of "Amazing Grace" thanks to Jared. And "Unto Thee, O Lord." I love that song but just finally figured out how to play it. It's an old song, but I don't think any of the kids know it since I haven't played it for years. I'm really looking forward to introducing it to them.

Then we had a SNYF at a house with a pool. We had lots of fun playing in the water, then we had a great time of worship with the kids actually singing. Seemed like a great SNYF.

So, yes, it was a good weekend, but not nearly long enough.

Meanwhile today, I've been trying to decide if I'm sick again or not. I think I'm mainly just tired. Not sure why I'm so tired, but I'm going to try going to bed early tonight and seeing what happens.

Should be getting loan docs tomorrow to sign Wednesday for the refi. Will be glad when this is all done.

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