Tuesday, September 14, 2004

TV Tuesday Returns!

After a few week break, TV Tuesday returned, while I was having computer problems and sick and generally not blogging regularly. But I'm back to it this week.

This week's theme is judge shows. Should be interesting. It's something I know nothing about.

1. Do you have a favorite judge? Least favorite?
The only one I've ever watched is People's Court. I can't stand the ads for most of them, especially Judge Judy.

2. If you were given the chance would you settle a court case on a judge show?
Never. It always seems to be the silliest, most trivial cases on there with people who know no shame. I never want to be like that.

3. What's the silliest case you've ever seen on a judge show?
I haven't watched one in 15 years. I really don't remember anything about them.

~Bonus~ Imagine it, you've got your own show and now you're a judge, what would your show be like?
It would have to be a business judge show cause that's about all I know about. And would probably be very boring so it would get canceled quickly.

And, just for fun, I'll do last week's as well. The theme then was Kid's TV

1. When you were a kid what was (or is if you're still a kid LOL) your favorite show?
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, no question asked. Especially since it was the only one I was allowed to watch. Watched it into elementary school, then again with my younger brother. :) On the sly, when I was in jr. and senior high, it was probably You Can't Do That on Television.

And can I make a confession? Sesame Street scared me as a kid. Only on TV. Loved the records I had. Of course, I scared very easily as a kid, so I'm surprised Mr. Roger's didn't.

2. What is the silliest kids show you've ever seen? (You can use stupidest, most outrageous, worst, etc if you prefer!)
You know, I've drawing a blank on this right now. Possibly Salute Your Shorts on Nick.

3. If you could be any character in a kids show (past or present) who would you be? Why?
Fred Rogers. He had such a cool job and was so well loved by so many.

~Bonus~ This one is kind of for the adults and parents out there. Do you feel kids shows have changed for the better or worse since you were a kid?
There are a lot of kids shows out there that aren't appropriate for kid's right now. I really don't know how much that has changed, however.

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