Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Time to Catch Up

It's been a few days, so maybe it's time to catch you up on my life.

Friday night, I went to Bible study for the career group. Good, although one guy kept asking needless questions, making it drag on forever. Of course, part of my impatience may have been that I was meeting a bunch of friends to see Sky Captian. We also had a new person leading worship. Made me feel good because he kept leading us so slowly. Still, considering how little he's played and how nervous he was, I'm not going to complain too loudly.

As to the movie, unlike Stephanie, I wasn't that impressed. To me, it seemed to need something. Like character developement and plot that flowed. There were too many leaps that worked, but could have been smoother. If the characters are in a live and die situation and you don't care, that means something's wrong.

Saturday was the big Frisbee golf with the Jr. high. We had a small turnout (5 kids), but it went well. The girls didn't like it, and it was hot (100 degrees). We played 9 holes then went and got ice cream and went back to the church and played tag in the church. Afterward, went out to dinner with the other staff who were there, which was very fun. Got a 5 cheese pizza that was to die for.

Sunday was church. Had the staff up front in church to pray for us at the end of the service, which was nice. And caused me to do 4 loads of laundry Saturday. Met my friend Debbie for lunch, which was a great time. Then went back to church to meet with Jr. high who is going to help me lead worship tomorrow night. (Sr. high will be gone for the most part.) Only one showed up, and he hadn't been playing as long as I thought he had. He was really struggling to keep up with chord changes, maybe getting one or two right per song. I'm meeting the other one early tomorrow night, so I don't know how well he plays, but from what I've seen, it's better. Anyway, it will be interesting tomorrow night to say the least.

Monday night after work I went down to play ultimate Frisbee. Only 5 of us there, so we played a hot box version that involved lots of running. But very fun. I was ready for a break when we quit, but not ready to quit.

While all this going on, I still finished Skin Deep, the newest Alias prequel. Not at all bad. And I'm starting Verse of the Vampyre, which the author sent me a free review copy of.

So that's the highlights.

And in other news, I am boycotting CBS. Twice in the last month, they have done two bogus news stories with obviously forged or inaccurate documents. No matter what side of this election you're on, this goes beyond that. And until they take steps to actually report news and not propoganda, I will not be supporting them at all. Which means no more Survivor or CSI or Without a Trace. I'll probably go through withdrawls, but I should be ok.

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