Wednesday, September 08, 2004

That's right!

Yep, Faith guessed correctly. I now have hair down to my waste. It was quite a challenge getting it to grow several feet overnight, but worrying really can add inches to your hair. And since my boss isn't here today, I can get away with it until tomorrow when I'll be fired for having inappropriate hair.

September Fools!

Somehow, that doesn't sound the same as April Fools, does it?

In reality, the reverse is the truth. I'm writing this bald. Or as bald as you can be 22 hours after shaving smooth.

This is my first head shave in since I moved into my condo. And man have I missed that feel. There is something about feeling that smooth doom I just love.

Did it as soon as I got home last night. Had some fun with the clippers leaving the front for the very last. Thought about leaving it, but figured it was too weird.

I've gotten a few "baldy" comments and things like that today. But most people haven't commented. Even though I haven't been bald for a year, I'd say they must be used to it by now. Heck, even my roommates didn't say anything last night. Of course, Ben knew I was planning to do this and Tom keeps his hair so short he probably didn't think anything of it. Drew was at work by the time I was done.

In other news, I had lunch with a friend today. Good to catch up on our summers. It really was quite a summer for me, wasn't it? Maybe that's why I'm not too sorry to see it ending already.

Well, I guess it's dinner time.

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