Wednesday, September 15, 2004

So the Week Continues

After feeling lousy Monday, I spent a quiet night at home. I've been feeling better sense. Casey was also sick Monday. We decided to blame Matt, but then he got sick yesterday, so maybe no one was to blame. :)

Yesterday was all about getting stuff. After work, I went to the mall and bought Home on the Range. Didn't especially like the movie, but being a collector has it's downfalls. Also preordered Aladdin while I was at it. I've been wanting to watch that movie recently, but I'm waiting until it comes out on DVD. I can not wait until then!

Then when I got home, I found Rocky and Bullwinkle, the Complete Second Season waiting for me. Watch a couple episodes before The Amazing Race. Man, I love that show!

Signed papers for my refinance today. Finally. So that's moving ahead. Should fund on Monday. Then in another couple weeks I start getting the refund checks back since I paid more then I needed to today. Not to mention the old impounds account for my taxes. That will be very nice to have in.

In case you're wondering, that book in my currently reading collumn should be No Place for Secrets. It's an older book, so I knew that the cover wouldn't show up. But I honestly expected the title and author to show up.

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