Monday, September 20, 2004

One Year Ago Today

It hit me this weekend. It's been a year since I moved into my condo. A year exactly today.

One year as a property owner.

One year as a landlord.

Yes, still scary, but the world hasn't ended. Yet.

In other news, I caught the cold everyone and their brother has had around here. While I've got a little in the stuffy nose department, it skipped that for the most part and settled in my throat. Boy do I sound good. :) Hope it clears up by Thursday so I can lead singing. If not, I can at least still play.

Meeting my contact at the Frisbee golf course tomorrow after work to go over the course and get some discs. Finally got in touch with him Saturday.

And you know that new key I was so proud of? I can only get it to work in some of the locks it's supposed to work in. Something about being a new key and the locks being finicky. Major bummer there. I'll have to break it in somehow without breaking it.

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