Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Not Nearly Enough Time for Goofing Off!

And it was a three day weekend to boot!

As soon as I left work Friday, I headed to my parent's trailer. We had a great weekend, but it wasn't nearly long enough!

Saturday, we tried to sleep in, but someone started up their loud deisel truck at 5 AM. While we dozed after they finally turned it off, we were all pretty tired. Still, we went to the Reagan Presidential Library (Mom and Dad's first visit) and played miniture golf in Sherman Oaks. The frustrating part of the day was that Mom was expecting me to be a tour guide. What I do most of the time and what they like to do are two different things. Then, when we finished the golf, Mom expected me to come up with a restaurant off the top of my head in an area I'm not at all familiar with. Keep in mind that they are vegan, so it's hard to find a restaurant they'd like. Eventually we gave up and came back to Santa Clarita where I have at least a bit of an advantage.

Sunday, we met up at church. Eventually, we made our way back to the trailer where we played some games, talked to my brother and sister-in-law, and ate dinner.

Monday, we really slept in. It was almost 10 AM before we got up and going. We tried to go see Princess Diaries 2, but it was sold out for the first showing. Grabbed tickets for the second showing, drove around Castaic Lake, and then went to Linner. (A meal between lunch and dinner). Then we enjoyed the movie. Yes, predictable, but very fun. Finally, we headed back to the trailer were we played a little Rummikub before Mom decided to watch Finding Nemo. Frankly, her desire to see that movie surprised me. She enjoyed it for the most part, but liked PD2 better. Personally, it think they are both great movies.

We never went swimming and we never played Canasta. Yet, it was a fun weekend. :)

I did get some read in my new book, Stalking the Angel. A PI novel, but I'm enjoying it.

What surprised me was that they didn't say a word all weekend about me having cut my hair. Since they didn't know about it, I was expecting something. I guess Mom's resigned to my hair being short as well as those down here.

Of course, I haven't cut my hair in a month, so I have a rather moppy looking crew cut at the moment. A problem I intend to remedy tonight, with results I'm sure Faith will approve of. :)

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