Friday, June 11, 2004

What a crazy few days

or: Sometimes being a homeowner stinks.

Wednesday morning, I get out of the shower, and the water won't stop dripping. It's been hard to turn off all the way for a while, but now it won't stop at all. So I finally dug out my insurance policy from when I bought the place and called them. Also called them on the dryer, something I've been needing to do ever since I moved in, really.

They came to fix the shower yesterday, making me take off work. It doesn't drip now. But, as I found out this morning, the hot water also looses pressure at will. So I spent all of my shower this morning trying to keep it at a decent tempurature.

Meanwhile, they came to fix the dryer today. Didn't have to take any time off work because they were there early. Fortunately, Tom was home to let them in. Replaced the coils, so hopefully it'll work now. Guess I'll find out tonight since I have a mountain of laundry that needs washing.

In other news, I wasn't super late to my ultimate game last night, even if I didn't get there until almost 9. It was only 3-2. We were ahead 9-4 at half. We let them catch up before finally ending it 17-12. Considering the first half, we really should have beaten them by more. Of course, since it was last year's captain, I did feel slightly guilty beating them by so much. :)Still, it was great to be out there again. I sure do love that game.

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