Friday, June 18, 2004

It's Been a Long Week

You know, I intended that as a joke since I only worked three days this week, but in some ways it has. Sunday seems like an eternity ago. But in a good way. I love getting out of town and doing something out of the ordinary.

Never being one to do anything half way, I've thrown myself into importing my CD's into iTunes. And it's really bugging me that one of the CD's I brought in my computer can't read the last three tracks of. My car and read it just fine. Still don't know why that is. But it will bug me until I can borrow a copy and get those final three tracks in there.

Maybe that's why I like Monk so much. I'm more obsessive compulsive then I thought.

Speaking of which, season three starts tonight. Can not wait!

Summer is supposed to be a nice easy time with very little going on. Right? Not this year. Normally, the only thing I have going on ultimate nights is ultimate. Not this year. I've got something else going on every night but our last two games. True, most of the time it's Bible study, but still. I've got a goodby party for the Duron's one week. I'm gone for two games. And I found out that Sarah Stewart Taylor will be signing her new book here in Southern CA one night before a game. How did my summer get so crazy busy? This is the time I relax and recharge my batteries.

My ultimate game last night was a real nailbitter. We started out trading points. My team pulled ahead then lost it to end the first half 9-8. We traded points again during the second half with them pulling ahead by two then us catching up to narrow the lead to one. Then, when we were down 13-15, we scored four points in a row to win 17-15. And this was on borrowed time, too. The lights can go out at any point after 10, but normally after 10:30. We didn't win until 10:40. Man I love that game!

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