Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I Survived!

Yes, I've made it back successfully from the river. Actually, I had a very good time this year.

Got to the church just a couple minutes late Monday, which was a miracle considering I had to buy gas and get cash and do other out of the way stuff on the way. We loaded up and took off. But not before I realized I'd forgotten my sandals. The rafting company won't let you go without shoes that will stay on your feet like "Aqua socks" or strapping sandals or tennis shoes. And mine were right by the door so I wouldn't forget them. Of course, since I live so close and was driving, that was no issue. In fact, I ran by home and was on the freeway before the bus was. Hooked up again at lunch and followed the bus up to the camp ground. Much to the guys in my car's dismay. They wanted to get there so they could start playing in the river.

Monday night at the campfire we debuted the new songbooks. No real feedback on them, although they did chose some of the new songs to sing. Yep, it was request night, something the high schoolers very seldom get since they only sing with me on Thursday nights. Jared and Scott were put through their passes considering they were looking at some of the songs for the first time. But they didn't seem to do any worse then me on some of them. I need to seriously rethink some of the chords, I can tell.

Then Tuesday bright and early we hit the river. This year, we got to use two man inflatable kayaks as well as the big rafts. I went down the river twice on the big rafts and twice in the kayaks. The first time, Dave steered. Naturally, that time went well. Then, the second time, I went down with one of the new girls trying to steer. Naturally, that time almost went well. :) It took me a little bit of time, but I got the hang of getting us close to where I wanted us to be. We got stuck on plenty of rocks. Of course, I was also trying to compensate for our differences in strength. But then came the final rapids. As I feared, I didn't get us through it and we tipped. Jesse I think was better then I was. I have a nice bruise on my knee as a result. But the most panic inducing part right then was the water that lodged up my nose and made it hard to breath. Even then I had to laugh. I was floating down the river with my head firmly above water trying to get enough air to make my brain happy. Um.... :)

For the record, I've only fallen out of rafts twice. Both were on this one stretch of river on this particular run. Once last year and once this year.

In other news, Benjamin is home for the next few days anyway. He's been house sitting. Again.

The Monk first season DVD set was waiting for me when I got into work this morning. Now I need to find time to watch it. Finding time involves finding the living room/TV free. We need another DVD player.

I'm about half way through The Big Nap right now. Really enjoying it more then I remember liking the first.

I downloaded iTunes this afternoon. Now I'm fighting it trying to figure out how to get it to do what I want. If I can get it to do that, I think I'll really like it. But that's a big if. And since I have co-workers with music on it we're sharing via our network, I know I'll like that.

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